Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Correcting bad dog behavior

Bad dog behavior

Many bad habits are fault of the owner rather than the dog

Most of the bad habits are the fault of the owner rather than the dog.It is very important for the owner to spend time with his dog, train him and love him. If you neglect your dog it is quite likely to cause boredom and frustration causing him to become little destructive.The owner is completely responsible for the incorrect behavior of the dog,I would advice all owners to be very particular about the dog behavior from the very beginning else it will create a lot of problems for you at later stages.

Although it is always better to start training a dog from the time he is a small puppy but troublesome behavior can be corrected at any point of time.One of the biggest advantage of training an adult dog is that you know what it is whereas in case of a puppy you are still trying to assess what it may become.It is also unwise to rear more than one puppy together as they tend to get more attached to each other than to their owners.The most important things to try to assess are the dog's inherent capabilities and how bad are the bad habits

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